With the aim of saving lives, protecting on-site workers, protecting traffic drivers, and reducing serious injuries on the road, OPTRAFFIC® manufactures a series of electronic safety devices that integrate cutting-edge technology, first-class design, excellent quality, powerful functions, maximum visibility, and long lifespan.

Variable Message Signs

Premium quality LED message board that shows texts, symbols, and graphics with maximum visibility, widely used for traffic management, construction sites, utilities projects and other public events.

Lighting Towers

High brightness solar light tower with advanced LED technology and mobile trailer structure, mostly used for construction sites, mining industry, utilities projects and other locations that require lighting solution.

Arrow Boards

Standard 15/25 lamps LED arrow board that displays flashing arrows, caution bars, and directional signals for temporary work zones, government projects, traffic management, and other public events.

Traffic Signals

Portable LED traffic signals with interconnection design and remote control, frequently used for traffic management, temporary work zones, pedestrian crosswalks and utilities projects.

Variable Speed Limit Signs

Solar powered speed limit sign with ultra-low power consumption technology and optional speed detection radar, widely used for temporary work zones, construction sites, school zones and other accident-prone areas.

Boom Gate

Multifunctional solar boom gate with remote control, infrared sensor, and optional traffic signals, mostly used for parking lots, temporary work zones, school zones, and construction projects.
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