Security & Surveillance

In order to safeguard property and assets at industrial sites, remote locations, and critical infrastructure, OPTRAFFIC® provides industry clients with portable video surveillance solutions. These products feature 24/7 advanced event detection and alerting capabilities, ensuring durability, user-friendly operation, improved operational efficiency, and increased profits for our clients.

High-Brightness LED Lights with 360-Degree Rotational and Tilting Capability
MPPT Controller for Automation Solar Charging
Prolonged Functionality with Exceptionally Low Power Usage
Alternative Power Supply By Diesel Generator
Simple to Use, Deployable by a Single Person

Common applications:
Construction sites
Sporting events
Public events
DUI checkpoints
Emergency response
Evacuation routes
Road construction
Traffic monitoring
Retail settings
Parking lots
Commercial businesses
Medical facilities
Rail yards
Port and harbors
Mining sites
Storage yards
Military installations
Crime scene investigations
Incident areas
Critical infrastructure
Border security

Security & Surveillance Products


Hybrid Light Tower

Mega Size Light Tower with 4 Solar Panels
Super Solar Light Tower-main-900-1200

Super Solar Light Tower

Large Size Light Tower with 3 Solar Panels
Medi Solar Light Tower-main-900-1200

Medi Solar Light Tower

Medium Size Light Tower with 2 Solar Panels

Mini Solar Light Tower

Mini Size Light Tower with 1 Solar Panel
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