Lighting Towers

OPTraffic® light tower equipped with CCTV camera, movable trailer, and telescopic mast is widely used for work zones, mining sites, airports, seaports, military, and other outdoor events. We excel at customizing to meet different needs, so you can choose the number of lights, the type of power, as well as others.


  • Luminosity: 32000-96000lumens
  • LED Life Time: over 50000 hours


  • Battery Run Time: over 40 hours(super model)
  • Solar Panel: 1-4
  • Protection: Under Voltage / Overload / Short Circuit
  • Ambient Temperature: -25-+50℃(-13-+122℉)


  • Length:86-8.7m(9.38-28.54 feet)
  • Wind Rating: 100km/h


  • CCTV camera
  • Diesel generator
  • Hydraulic system
  • Solar Kit

Hybrid Light Tower

Mega Size Light Tower with 4 Solar Panels
Super Solar Light Tower-main-900-1200

Super Solar Light Tower

Large Size Light Tower with 3 Solar Panels
Medi Solar Light Tower-main-900-1200

Medi Solar Light Tower

Medium Size Light Tower with 2 Solar Panels

Mini Solar Light Tower

Mini Size Light Tower with 1 Solar Panel

Tripod LED Floodlight

High Brightness Portable Lighting Solution with Tripod

LED Power Disk

Lightweight Portable Lighting Solution with Tripod or Chains

LED Power Tube

Mobile Illumination Solution with Tripod
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