To ensure the safety of workers and the security of work sites with reliable, durable equipment, OPTRAFFIC® offers industry clients specialized products tailored for the construction sector, including light towers and remote-video surveillance systems. These products are equipped with 24/7 advanced event detection and alerting features, guaranteeing durability, user-friendly operation, enhanced operational efficiency, and improved profitability for our clients.

what we off:

light tower
surveillance tower
remote control system


High-Brightness LED Lights with 360-Degree Rotational and Tilting Capability
MPPT Controller for Automation Solar Charging
Prolonged Functionality with Exceptionally Low Power Usage
Alternative Power Supply By Diesel Generator
Simple to Use, Deployable by a Single Person

Construction Products


Portable Traffic Message Signs(VMS board)

Full-Matrix Changeable Message Board for Traffic Management

Hybrid Light Tower

Mega Size Light Tower with 4 Solar Panels
Super Solar Light Tower-main-900-1200

Super Solar Light Tower

Large Size Light Tower with 3 Solar Panels
Medi Solar Light Tower-main-900-1200

Medi Solar Light Tower

Medium Size Light Tower with 2 Solar Panels

Truck VMS® Signs

Regular Size Message Board for Pick-Up Trucks

LED Power Disk

Lightweight Portable Lighting Solution with Tripod or Chains

LED Power Tube

Mobile Illumination Solution with Tripod

Tripod LED Floodlight

High Brightness Portable Lighting Solution with Tripod
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