Understanding Arrow Boards–Important Traffic Management Equipment

Arrow Boards

What Is an Arrow Board?

Arrow board is a traffic control device used to guide drivers and pedestrians by indicating the direction they should go. Typically consisting of a large, illuminated, and high-visibility LED panel mounted on a trailer or vehicle, it displays arrow symbols pointing in specific directions such as left, right, or stop. It is commonly used in construction zones, roadwork sites, accident scenes, and other locations requiring temporary changes or traffic management. By providing clear and visible guidance to drivers and pedestrians, arrow boards help improve traffic flow control, enhance safety, and reduce accident risks.

What Is a Type A Arrow Board?

Type A arrow boards shall have solid rectangular appearances, and are appropriate for use on low-speed urban streets. Type A arrow boards are mostly purchased by the construction team or the urban planning bureau.

What Is the Size of Type A Arrow Board?

Arrow Board type A: minimum size 48 x 24 inches, minimum legibility distance 1/2 mile, and minimum 12 elements.

What Is a Type B Arrow Board?

Type B arrow boards shall have solid rectangular appearances and are appropriate for intermediate-speed facilities and for maintenance or mobile operations on high-speed roadways. The majority of Type B arrow boards are bought by traffic control companies and traffic equipment rental companies.

What Is the Size of Type B Arrow Board?

Arrow Board type B: minimum size 60 x 30 inches, minimum legibility distance 3/4 mile, and minimum 13 elements.

What is a Type C Arrow Board?

Type C arrow boards shall have solid rectangular appearances, and are intended to be used on high-speed, high-volume motor vehicle traffic control projects. Similar to type B arrow boards, the main buyers of type C arrow boards are also traffic management companies and traffic equipment rental companies.

What Is the Size of Type C Arrow Board?

Arrow Board type C: minimum size 96 x 48 inches, minimum legibility distance 1 mile, and minimum 15 elements.

What Is a Type D Arrow Board?

Type D arrow boards shall conform to the shape of the arrow, and are intended for use on vehicles authorized by the State or local agency. Therefore, government or law enforcement agencies are the primary consumers of type D arrow boards.

What Is the Size of Type D Arrow Board?

Arrow Board type D: minimum size “None” (note: length of arrow equals 48 inches, width of arrowhead equals 24 inches), minimum legibility distance 1/2 mile, and minimum 12 elements.

What Are Arrow Board Trailers?

Arrow board trailer is a simple and effective device, usually composed of large a LED board and a mobile trailer, which can be towed by cars to different areas, such as accident sites, construction sites, and more, for controlling traffic.

OPTRAFFIC arrow board has a series of excellent features. Firstly, high-brightness LED lights provide stronger visibility. Secondly, the 24/7 uninterrupted solar power supply allows the arrow board to operate at all times without worrying about insufficient power. In addition, the arrow board has multiple flashing modes that can be adjusted according to different situations. The anti-corrosion hot galvanized steel structure ensures long-term use. Finally, the setup of the arrow board is simple and easy.

Arrow Board Trailer

What Are Vehicle-mounted Arrow Boards?

Vehicle-mounted arrow board is a high-performance and highly reliable traffic control device installed directly on vehicles, such as trucks or vans, usually composed of a large LED board and a mounting frame.

Unlike the arrow board trailer, OPTRAFFIC vehicle-mounted arrow board comes with an electric actuator folding kit, making it suitable for most cars or trucks.

Vehicle-mounted arrow board

What Are the Sizes of Arrow Boards

The following are five types and multiple sizes of OPTRAFFIC arrow boards.

Solar arrow board trailers: size 2400*1200mm (94*47in)

Skid arrow signals: size 2400*1200mm (94*47in)

Truck mounted arrow board: size 1260*650mm (49*25in), size 1500*770mm (59*30in), size 1830*920mm (72*36in), size 2400 * 1200mm (94*47in)

Other arrow signs: size 1500*800mm (59*31in), size 1200*1200mm (47*47in), size 1200*400mm (47*15in),

Vehicle-mounted arrow boards: 1270*720mm (50* 29in)

How Much Does an Arrow Board Weigh?

The weight of arrow boards may vary depending on their size, design, and structural materials.

Typically, the weight of an arrow board trailer, including the board itself and the trailer frame, can range from 500 to 1500 pounds (227 to 680 kilograms) depending on its size and materials.

Vehicle-mounted arrow boards are lighter because they are designed to be installed on vehicles such as trucks or vans. Usually, the weight can range from 50 to 200 pounds (23 to 91 kilograms).

What Do Different Numbers of Lights Mean?

Small arrow boards suitable for less complex traffic situations, typically have 8 or 12 lights.

Large arrow boards come with more lights (e.g. 15 or 25 lights), some even double-sided, with 50 lights. Arrow boards with more lights have greater visibility and brightness, making them suitable for use in busy areas or low-visibility environments, such as on highways or at night.

Number of LED lights

What Does a Flashing Arrow Board Mean?

An arrow board usually indicates temporary changes in traffic or roads, and it can change the flashing mode and pattern of LED lights to adapt to different traffic situations. For example, if the arrow points to the right, the driver should move to the right lane or follow the indicated detour route. Similarly, if the arrow points to the left, the driver should move to the left lane or follow the designated alternate route.

Here are some flashing patterns on the arrow board:

Arrow board flashing pattern
Arrow board flashing pattern and the meaning

Solar Panels on Arrow Board

Solar panels are crucial in providing sustainable and reliable power to arrow boards. Several solar panels are usually installed at the top of arrow boards to capture sunlight and convert it into electricity through photovoltaic cells. Then store it in batteries for future use.

The solar power allows the arrow board to operate independently of traditional power sources, and minimize environmental impact. It enables the arrow board to be deployed in different locations for temporary or remote traffic control.

Solar Panels

Batteries of Arrow Boards

Arrow boards use rechargeable batteries, which are typically sealed lead-acid (SLA) or lithium-ion batteries.

Li-ion batteries have a higher energy density compared to other rechargeable batteries, so they can store more energy in a smaller and lighter package. But Li-ion batteries can be prone to overheating, fire, and explosion if they are damaged or improperly handled.

OPTRAFFIC arrow boards utilize gel batteries, which are a type of special lead-acid battery. The special feature is that the electrolyte is added with silica gel to form a gel state. The electrolyte in gel state has better anti-vibration ability and anti-leakage performance than the traditional liquid electrolyte. The internal structure of gel battery has been improved to make the pressure inside more balanced and reduce the risk of leakage and corrosion. In addition, gel batteries release oxygen during the charging process to recombine with water, ensuring the internal liquid level is relatively stable.

What Is an Arrow Board Controller?

Arrow board controller is a handheld device with a built-in management system used for operating and controlling arrow boards.

OPTRAFFIC handheld controller comes with a built-in WEB system, which is an integrated operating system that allows users to remotely operate and manage equipment through 4G network connections and integrates various functions, including setting flashing patterns, GPS positioning, data recording, equipment tracking, and monitoring. Repeated comparisons have proven that OPTRAFFIC handheld controllers are more convenient, user-friendly, and have faster signal transmission speeds than those on the market.

Arrow Board Controller

Arrow Boards Used for Multiple Industries

Arrow boards are multifunctional traffic control devices that play a crucial role in various industries. The following are some industries where arrow boards are applied:

Traffic: Arrow boards are essential for managing traffic in a variety of circumstances, including vehicle malfunctions and accidents, traffic flow diversion, road construction, and temporary road closures. Deploying arrow boards can remind drivers of road conditions, guide vehicles away from congestion, accidents, or construction areas, maintain smooth traffic, and ensure the safety of pedestrians and drivers.

Construction & Mining: In construction and mining sites, arrow boards are utilized for directional guidance. On construction sites, arrow boards are used to manage traffic around the work area, such as lane closures, detours, and safe routes for vehicles and workers. In mining sites, arrow boards are used to manage traffic flow around excavation areas, transportation roads, and loading areas, assisting in directing the movement of heavy machinery, trucks, and workers.

Emergency Service: In emergencies, such as accidents, natural disasters, or other events that require quick response, law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and emergency medical services use arrow boards to control traffic flow, close lanes or roads, and guide people and vehicles to quickly evacuate dangerous areas

Activities: During events such as marathons, parades, or festivals, arrow boards help manage traffic flow, guide vehicles away from activity routes, and maintain order to ensure the safety of participants and spectators.

Municipal Services: Arrow boards are an indispensable part of municipal services, providing necessary traffic guidance in various urban areas. The municipal authorities use arrow boards for various purposes, including traffic management during street cleaning, snow removal activities, and public works.

Airport: At the airport, arrow boards guide vehicles (such as luggage and service vehicles) to specific areas to ensure the safety and smoothness of the taxiway

Arrow boards are widely used in various industries and play a huge role in them.

Truck Mounted Arrow Board

What Type of Arrow Board Is Most Suitable for Freeways?

For freeways, car speed is usually higher, so the flexibility and visibility of traffic management equipment are particularly important. Arrow board trailers have larger display screens and more LED lights and can be raised or lowered in height, providing clear indicator patterns for high-speed drivers. In addition, arrow board trailers are easy to be towed and deployed at different locations along the freeway. In summary, using arrow board trailers to manage traffic on freeways is the correct choice.

How to Set Up OPTRAFFIC Arrow Board?

  • Check the condition of the arrow board, check the battery, and make sure all LED bulbs can work properly.
  • Install the arrow board trailer at the rear of the car or the vehicle-mounted arrow board on the roof, then drive to the site.
  • Clear all unnecessary people from the working area.
  • Deploy the arrow board in a suitable location, turn on the power, and set the flashing pattern and brightness through OPTRAFFIC WEB system.
  • Regularly monitor the arrow board during operation to ensure that it continues to operate correctly.

Best Arrow Board Manufacturer

OPTRAFFIC is a thriving company consisting of 9 departments and 5 workshops, covering an area of over 20000 square meters. With over a decade of experience and a dedicated team of researchers and developers, OPTRAFFIC stands out and becomes a leading manufacturer in the traffic equipment industry. Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction ensures that we produce high-quality products that meet the highest performance and standards (such as CE, EN 12966, RoHS, EMC, IP65, and as/NZ standards).

Whether used in traffic control, public management, construction sites, emergency services, municipal services, or events & activities, OPTRAFFIC arrow boards are trusted by professionals worldwide for their durability and effectiveness.

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