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Traffic Message Signs

Solar VMS Sign Boards

Traffic Message Signs

Solar powered informative system with 

remote control and alert system.

Solar VMS Boards
Optraffic VMS
VMS signs
Variable Message signs

Optraffic's amber & color traffic variable message signs are manufactured with innovative technology popularly used for traffic management, council & constructional engineering, mining industry, store advertising and public notice of upcoming events like large meetings and sport events.

Machinery & Structure

Heavy-duty tow couplings can be towed by most vehicles

Hydraulic mast lifting system allows one person to easily raise and lower the board

Solar panels rotate 360 degrees for optimal positioning

Double disk brakes hold message board in place during operation

Y support stabilizes message board in travelling position

Hot-galvanized steel structure, anti-corrosion for 20+ years

System & Operation

Amber/five-color full-matrix display

Full remote control via phone/laptop/tablet/computer with OPT software

OPT local control software for on-site programming with tablet/laptop

Light Sensor (Auto dimming system) & Temperature Sensor

Preprogrammed display frames unlimited

Both individual letters' font color and size controllable

Real-time device status, GPS tracking and SMS alert system

Optional Radar (overspeed detecting and warning)

Safety & Energy-Saving

Low power dissipation

Energy-efficient operation

High-legibility LEDs

Environmental Friendly Solar Power System

Continuously working throughout the year under normal weather conditions

Auto-charger shuts down when batteries are fully charged, preventing damage

AC 240V external battery charger for manual charging

Cooling fans prevent overheating

Safety lock: Wheel, battery box and control box.

Maintenance & Warranty

Factory quality warranty

Compact design and easy maintenance

Ongoing technical support


On-site wireless tablet


Solar tilt


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